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Creative Characters provides the simplest way to take your business mobile! Manage your own content (never pay for changes), and engage clients and prospects with your business, services, products, events, etc.

Why do I need a mobile website?

Because 59% of all search is performed on a mobile phone.

Desktop websites are not built to fit the small-scale display of a mobile phone screen. As a result, customers waste time having to pinch and pull, stretch and resize the picture to access your company’s information. This frustrates them quickly and they leave; going to the competitors website. A mobile site mirrors the look and feel of your company site, but provides an abbreviated version with quick access to the most important content. With a mobile site there is no stretching and resizing because it is built to fit the small display.

In literally minutes you can connect your business to the mobile world by creating engaging, interactive mobile phone specific content. Seamlessly generate, track, and utilize QR codes in your print material (business cards, direct mail, property signs, product packaging, postcards).

Our simple to use Mobile Website Creator and Content Management System ensures you look your best on all mobile phones.

Why go mobile?

The facts speak volumes:
• 59% of all search performed on a mobile phone.
• More than 6.8 billion mobile phones in use (Dec 2013).
• 96% of the world population (7.1 billion) has a mobile phone.
• 70% of all mobile phone users access the Internet on their mobile phone.
• 300 Million iPhones in use (Dec 2013).
• More people have mobile phones than toilets according to United Nations (Jun 2013).

What will mobile do for my business?

Get found on a mobile phone! Put your business at your clients' & prospects' fingertips! Engage prospects, drive social media, showcase products, provide instructions, capture leads, re-orders, and inquires, link to videos and so much more.

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