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Benefits of Working with Creative Characters Print & Mail Solutions

We are proud to manage the marketing for landscaping companies providing everything from snow removal to mowing and planting shrubs, leaf blowing and summer pruning. Here are some of the ways that working with will benefit your lawn and landscaping company.

The number one thing every business says they need is inbound sales leads. Three of the most effective marketing strategies used by the landscaping industry to get their phone ringing are: Multi-Channel Marketing, Paid Search or PPC (such as Google Ads), and Google My Business. Creative Characters uses all three of these tactics and more to get your landscaping business the customers it needs to grow. Click Below to watch a quick video about how we drove 378 phone calls in one month for a Landscaping Company this past March.

Want your phone to ring more?

Of course, you want your phone to ring more. Every business does. We will make it happen for you. We don't measure success in "likes and shares" - we measure success in one way only - new business. We will create an effective, personalized marketing strategy for YOUR business in YOUR market.

We track every ad and every phone call so you can see precisely what your ad-spend is accomplishing for you. We collect data on interactions with your website to determine exactly how effective each dollar you spend on marketing has been. We believe marketing is an investment that should yield results directly back to your business (and we know if we don't drive results, you won't keep working with us). Click the link below to learn how we drove 378 phone calls in one month for a Landscaping Company.

Custom Landscaping Website Design

Using targeted sales funnels with custom landing pages, we drive new leads straight to information relevant to them on your website. All the websites that we build are developed with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind, so that your website ranks as highly as possible in search results relevant to your field, in your location. The more visible and accessible your website is, the easier it is for new landscaping customers to find you. When they Google landscaping, you want to be found.

Our custom websites are designed for the landscaping industry and are responsive and mobile-friendly. These websites are designed to be intuitive to navigate, making it convenient for your visitors and customers to find the information they need.

Your website will include a blog feature in which we can write regular, researched posts on topics relevant to your landscaping company, through our maintenance program. We have our own graphic designers on staff, and we make sure every page of your website looks inviting and is optimized to increase conversions.

Lead Generation

We will develop highly customized sales funnels targeting specific potential customers. These funnels are designed to lead the prospect to a landing page focused on their needs which then captures their name and email address. That information is then directed into custom-written auto-responder emails which provide ongoing contact, relationship building, and keep your landscaping company top-of-mind when they are looking to get a new sprinkler system installation and Spring cleanup or get their existing lawn cut, weeded and aerated.

Accountability and Transparency

You’ll always know exactly how well our ads are performing and exactly how many leads have been generated and converted when you work with us. We provide an online dashboard that you can login to and see what’s happening with your campaign in real time. We send weekly and monthly reports showing exactly how your campaigns performed, as well as recommendations for adjustments to your local search listing on Google My Business. You will always own all of your content on your website, and have access to your Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager and Google Insights on the Google My Business platform.

These are the tools we use to track and analyze traffic. We encourage our clients to be active participants in the marketing process and will eagerly answer any questions or concerns you have during our partnership.

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