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6 Key Things Marketers Need to do During COVID-19 Pandemic – Part 2 of a 6 Part Series

6 Key Things Marketers Need to do During COVID-19 Pandemic – Part 2 of a 6 Part Series

Now you know the #1 thing you need to do during the pandemic – market and do not stop marketing! You can pivot your marketing, but do not stop. Here’s the next step for Pandemic Marketing in Rule #2.

Pandemic Marketing Rule #2: Niche Market Analysis

Take a deep dive analysis of your target audience and specifically their buying behaviors during an economic downturn. There is an article put out by the Harvard Business Review that goes into the psychology of consumer behavior and purchasing habits during a recession. “It’s critical to track how customers reassess priorities, reallocate funds, switch brands and redefine value”. From groups that will “slam on the brakes” and not buy anything to people who “live for today” and continue purchases without missing a beat. Assess what this means for your organization to build the most effective marketing plan for the segments within your niche market. You have the raw data and there are resources available to assist you in analyzing that data to build your effective pandemic marketing strategy.

Need help marketing to your niche? Need help figuring out exactly what your niche is in the first place? As an essential business, Creative Characters is open, operating as usual, and ready to help in any way that we can. We are expert strategists standing by to help you. We have the tools and guidance that you need to make it through this crisis. Contact Brigid Kaye at 215-923-2679 or email with the subject Pandemic Niche Marketing.

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